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Iwollo Health Centre

NFH carries out several special programmes directed at less privileged groups. One is a programme of free medical service to the residents of the Home for the Elderly in Awkunanaw (Enugu) run by the Little Sisters of the Poor. Two of the hospital’s doctors make regular visits to attend to residents that are sick and in need of healthcare.

One of the Hospital's central programmes is the Iwollo Rural Health Centre in Aguobu Iwollo in Ezeagu Local Government Area, about 45 minutes drive from Enugu city. Iwollo is a small rural community of about a thousand inhabitants and it suffers from health deficiencies that are common in similar communities nation-wide. The clinic comprises of a spacious waiting room, some consulting rooms and a room set apart for simple interventions. It also has a well-stocked pharmacy, as well as a small lecture room for giving talks and demonstrations to the patients.

Amongst the services provided to Iwollo and its surrounding communities are free medical consultancy,and heavily-subsidised (and where possible- free) medication. Furthermore, the hospital also provides vaccination services, most of which are also offered free. An important aspect of the services provided are health talks bordering on topics related to health awareness, proper hygiene and management of basic health needs

The clinic was built and is sustained with the help of many generous donors. It is one of the principal thrusts of the Hospital in the area of improving healthcare provision in rural communities as well as contributing to the overall quality of life and socioeconomic well-being of disadvantaged areas.

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