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Some Beliefs and Values
Several people have made inquiries about our beliefs, values and policies.  Although these are on record in many outlets, we will like to provide some here, partly as general information as well as to answer some specific queries we have received.  This is neither an exhaustive explanation nor list. 

Our Approach to Patient Care
Niger Foundation Hospital (NFH) believes in the human dignity of every patient, irrespective of his or her social status.  We believe that as medical professionals, we are in a unique position of service to our fellow men and women, often in their most vulnerable moments.  For this reason we take great care to make their visits and stay here as comfortable as possible.  As far as is possible within our means, we want everybody who comes here sick to return home healthy to his or her loved ones.  We are happy to see that we have managed to bring a smile to many faces throughout the years of our operation.

A World-Class Standard Hospital
NFH maintains high standards in all its facilities, comparable to the best hospitals in many parts of the world.  Our doctors have many years of experience from seeing thousands and thousands of patients.  Some are experts and consultants in various fields of medicine.  We also count on the expertise of many others outside NFH.  The material facilities are regularly updated to the best industry standards and are customized to the need of the patient.

Decision Making in Emergencies – A Complementary Team
Our doctors and nurses sometimes have to make quick decisions towards the safety and comfort of the patient.  Occasionally, they would have to jettison options which though valid, may not be given priority depending on the urgency and immediate need of the patient.  Such would be the case when someone may go through some discomfort because our medical personnel are focused on the aspect that is most urgent.  As soon as possible, effort is made to ensure the patient has overall comfort.  We are in the business of bringing comfort and saving lives, to all and at every time.

When We Reach the Limits of Medicine
Occasionally and in spite of our best efforts, a patient succumbs to an illness and medical care is not enough to help them recover.  As men and women who are committed to saving lives, we are very saddened by this and feel deep loss.  Although we know we did our best, we still promise ourselves to work even harder in the future.   

We always welcome requests for further enquiries or information from the hospital.

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