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Welcome to the website of Niger Foundation Hospital!

Niger Foundation Hospital and Diagnostic Centre (NFH) is a project of Niger Welfare Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Nigeria. Niger Welfare Foundation was formed in 1990 by a group of professionals to promote health and educational projects that would improve the health status and the educational level of a wide range of people.

The Hospital has been set up with the central focus of offering world-class medical care to a wide range of people with a special focus on South-eastern Nigeria. It is meant to make a tangible contribution to the healthcare system in the country which has for some time now suffered from poor healthcare facilities.

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Recent News and Events

Construction of Mother and Child Centre underway in NFH

NFH has begun development on Mother and Child Centre as the next phase of development of the Hospital. The Centre will focus on improving the maternal and paediatric care delivered at the hospital.
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Diet Classes at Iwollo Rural Health Centre

Ifeoma Nwaroh gives classes on nutrition and dietetics at the rural health centre in Aguobu Iwollo and is sharing some of her experiences there with us.
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In love with nursing again

Adaeze trained as an orthopedic nurse. After her training she worked for some time before getting a job with Niger Foundation Hospital. She tells about some of her experience in NFH.
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Iwollo Rural Health Centre

We now have a new informative video on one of our key community initiatives: The Iwollo Rural Health Centre.

Niger Foundation Hospital

A brief documentary that explains the origin, objectives and operation of the hospital.

A brief documentary that explains the origin, objectives and operation of the hospital.

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Some beliefs and values of NFH

What are some of the things we stand for in Niger Foundation Hospital






Iwollo Rural Clinic

NFH is very conscious of its social responsibilities. One of its initiatives is the provision of healthcare services in rural communities. The health clinic located at Aguobu-Iwollo serves a number of less privileged communities
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